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About Us 


We provide bespoke luxury wedding planning, design, and management services with a personal approach that exceeds expectations. We understand that exceptional design is only a part of what makes a great wedding, as memorable celebrations are also about the people. We always work with you and your guests’ experience in mind, striving to create exceptional experiences that will leave a lasting impression.

We are so blessed to work with many talented vendors to meet high standards of service and delivery, regardless of the location. Although numbers of our team members increase as we work on your wedding, the heart of Lace and Pearl Events consist of two passionate eventt artisans:


Destination wedding planner, Handan ZENGER

I am an event dreamer, designer and creator through to my core.

It is not called work if you are having fun, right? I am so blessed to have a job which enables me to meet wonderful couples worldwide, get to know them and be part of such a celebration filled with love.

A hopeless romantic.  My heart overflows with joy seeing months of planning coming to life to create one-of-a-kind memories and see everyone enjoying themselves.

Originally Turkish, I moved to this small but picturesque country, Montenegro, in 2007.

Shortly after organising my wedding, I realised how much time and effort was needed to create an event to reflect us as a couple while trying to keep our sanity   This led to the decision to work with great planners in Croatia and Turkey in order to help other couples get married abroad using my knowledge and expertise.

Mother to amazing 12 years old twins Kristian & Melissa, who are the world to me.

Montenegro is now my home; However, I still spend many months in my beautiful motherland Turkey, creating weddings which is truly unique to each couple.

Things I LOVE

My family and friends who share the highs and lows of this beautiful life – The smell of the first coffee in the morning – The warmth of sunshine– Meeting inspiring new people – Learning new things-  Making travel plans – Achieving goals  – The heavenly taste of Crème Brulé -The sound of cello -– Flowers– Random act of kindness – Mountains–The sound of autumn leaves when you walk on – Sea salt on my skin – Heartwarming father-of-bride speeches – Pretty dresses– A good night’s sleep– Spending good times, creating memories with people who matter the most.

Destination wedding specialist, Jana ROUBALOVA



I remember the first time I met Handan very well. It was some 20 years ago or so in the UK where we both worked in events and hospitality.

We clicked immediately as our souls were wired the same way. We simply love caring for people around us. Apparently, It can be felt on the first meeting with us 🙂

And It’s not by chance that we have been created similar way. We are the same star sign and therefore pose very similar qualities.

Our passion lies in:

  • Creativity and originality: Provide us with a few aspects of your vision, and we will transform them into a personalised and distinct reality.

  • Quality: Settling for anything less than the best is not an option for us. We relentlessly pursue perfection in all that we do.

  • Dedication: Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we will not rest until our shared mission is accomplished.

  • Attention to detail: It is the small details that make the difference between good and great.


We are far from ordinary. Our interesting lives and diverse skill sets are reflected in our work. My origin is the Czech Republic, where I lived half of my adult life. The other half I spent in the UK living, working and travelling the world. Montenegro is my third home now.

I admire and love its overall beauty together with its people. My time is now divided between the Czech and this wonderful place. Still, I am also very excited to be bringing my skills and knowledge home as we are expanding our business also to the Czech Republic as a new wedding destination.

Come for a coffee and say hello to us. Share your dreams, and we will dream them with you.


With love   Jana x

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